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Retired Employees of McDonnell Douglas & Boeing St. Louis

Macsoldteam logoMAC's OLD TEAM is an "ad-hoc" group of retired employees of McDonnell Douglas St. Louis & Boeing St. Louis. Most of us worked in Missiles andSpace, with some in Aircraft. We are proud of our heritage of being Mr. Mac's Teammates, and remember the days of "This is Old Mac ---calling all the team". We get together for lunch, discuss "the good ole days" and simply enjoy the companionship and any opportunity to keep in touch with our friends and fellow teammates.

This group and website are not sanctioned by, nor in any way connected to the Boeing Co.

We meet for lunch at a different location in the St. Louis area on the 2nd Wednesday of each month except for July, August, and December. We currently have a list of approx. 200 retirees of MDC and Boeing in the St. Louis area who have shown interest. Usually about 80-100 attend the meetings. In addition, we host a retiree golf tournament in the spring and fall each year.

This group was started in 1987. Some of the retirees who had worked together on the Harpoon missile program decided to get together about once per month for lunch and to "keep in touch". Tom Beckmann and Bud Schultz got the ball rolling by forming this group. During the first year, they started to meet regularly at Schneithorst's Hofamberg Inn in St. Louis County. By the end of the first year, the group had grown a bit as others retired, but it was still a small group. They had about 10 people during the first year of retirement. This group included: Gene Arnold, Bob Chamberlain, John Lovelace, Simos Ioannou, Jack Plamp, Mike Stack, Tom Beckmann, Bill Merritt, and Bud Schultz.

In the following 16 years, this group now known as "MAC's Old TEAM" has grown to a list of approx. 200 of McDonnell Douglas St. Louis retirees, and more recently Boeing St. Louis retirees. Included are teammates and retired friends who worked on many Aircraft, Missile, and Space programs during their employment. These are retirees from various job functions which include: Contracts, Engineering, Estimating, Facilities, Logistics Support, Manufacturing, Marketing, Planning, Procurement, Reliability, Scheduling, Testing, Tool Design, Quality Assurance, and others.

"MAC's Old Team" is not a formal organization. It is open to all retirees of MDC St. Louis, and Boeing St. Louis who have a desire to keep in touch and communicate with their retiree friends and co-workers.
There are no membership fees, however, you do have to pay for your own lunch at the luncheon meetings.

Our Leader is Norman Beckel. Norm researches and arranges and picks the meeting locations, acquires interesting door prizes, and establishes other activities such as golf outings. And, he does this with --0 budget!

Some of the people who assist Norm are:
• Carl Scheske prepares and maintains the name list (approx. 200 names and growing). This list is used to inform people about meeting schedule, locations, etc.
• Jim Simms is the current director/organizer of the Spring and Fall Retiree Golf Tournaments.
• Earl Robb is the web page guy. This web page is a "work in progress", and we hope you will participate in providing information that will be useful in keeping us all "in touch".