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Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Our monthly meeting this time was more than a lunch meeting. It was a great experience that involved a group of 12 high school and college technology students and their educational director, Mr. Ray Niehaus, Director, Center for Technology, Innovation & Manufacturing at Vincennes University, Jasper campus. The students came from Indiana schools: Vincennes University, Jasper Campus and Evansville Indiana University. In addition, Mr. Kent Olinger, Purdue alumni association, and Mr. Mick Hetman, father of student Joseph Hetman, came with the group from Indiana.

This gathering was proposed by Mr. Niehaus and Mr. Olinger, with the purpose of bringing together students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with those of us who have work experience history in air & space programs. Our teammate, Dean Purdy did a great job of organizing the all-day activities of this great meeting.

Summary of activity: Met with the Indiana students at the Boeing Prologue room, tour of the Prologue room, explain MAC/Boeing products, answer questions, met with Boeing executives Mary Barr, Boeing Prologue Room Manager; and Margo Schoolfield, Boeing Education Relations - Defense, Space and Security. Margo met with the students and discussed Boeing's activity in educational programs. Thank you, Mary & Margo!!

We then proceeded to Spinners Restaurant, Cahokia, IL for lunch with the students and guests. After lunch, the group toured the Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum, Cahokia, IL. At the museum, Carl Scheske presented to the museum a large collection of Shuttle pictures, charts, patches, etc. This collection of memorabilia was provided by Mac's Old Teammate, John Schussler. Thanks John. A good time was had by all.

Below are a few of the many pictures of this activity, courtesy of Mr. Mick Hetman.

Front Row: Demetre Young, Joseph Hetman, Savannah Haas, Donald Bough, Austin Rothberger
Back Row: Shraavan Bandaru, Justin Sitzman, Steven Lin, Colton Newton, Ian Ahner, Madeleine Pelzel,
Jason Brier, Ray Niehaus, Jerry Roberts, Dean Purdy, Norman Beckel, Earl Robb, Carl Scheske, Lowell Grissom

colton Newton and Earl Robb
Colton Newton presents a 3D printed model of Gemini
to Earl Robb

Student Justin Sitzman listens as retiree Jerry Roberts
explains the many challenges that are considered
in air and spacecraft design

Dean Purdy chats with Donald Bough and Shraavan Bandaru in Boeing's Prologue Room

Dean Purdy, Ray Niehaus - Director of the Center for Technology, Innovation and Manufacturing at Vincennes University, Jasper Campus, and Carol Purdy

Jason Brier, Steven Lin and Madeleine Pelzel talk with Margo Schoolfield about Boeing and future plans

Margo Schoolfield and Dean Purdy chat in the Prologue Room

Steven Lin, Demetre Young and Colton Newton look at an aircraft model as Dean Purdy answers their questions

Jason Brier taking the flight trainer for a "little spin"

This cart was used to transport President John F. Kennedy through McDonnell Aircraft Manufacturing Buliding 101 when he visited the company in 1962. The cart was driven by founder, James S. McDonnell, fondly referred to by early employees as "Mr. MAC"

Colton Newton and Demetre Young

The Greater St. Louis Air and Space Museum

At the museum, Carl Scheske presented a large collection of Shuttle pictures, charts, patches, etc. to the museum.
This memorabilia was provided by
Mac's Old Teammate, John Schussler.

Donald Bough enjoying a chat with retiree Norman Beckel as they walk among many airplanes

Madeleine Pelzel exiting Howard Hughes' former airplane in movie star fashion

Lowell grissom and earl robb
Lowell Grissom and Earl Robb admire the
3D printed model of Gemini to Earl Robb

Madeleine PelzelMadeleine Pelzel studies the structure of the Gemini

The students with Carol and Dean Purdy

Justin Sitzman, Jason Brier and Madeleine Pelzel in a question and answer session with Dean Purdy

Students study and admire the Mercury Space Capsule

Margo Schoolfield talks with students about
Boeing and Education

Shraavan Bandaru and Austin Rothgerber point out the attendance prize their Director, Ray Nehaus won at the
lunch with Mac's Old Team as Earl Robb looks on

Justin Sitzman and retiree Wade Wilkerson greet each other
in a very unusual, but engaging manner.

Steven Lin, Ian Ahner and Austin Rothgerber

Donald Bough and Joseph Hetman seem to be recreating a scene from the movie Top Gun

Mr. Ray Niehaus, Director, Center for Technology, Innovation & Manufacturing at Vincennes University, Jasper campus

Kent Olinger, Purdue Alumni Association

Jason Brier exits the aircraft formerly owned by Howard Hughes in a very Presidential style

Students, Directors, and the Purdys in front of an aircraft once owned by the late Howard Hughes

Steven Lin and Demetre Young absorb some of Nelson Weber's vast knowledge.