MAC's Old Team

Woodson Road, St. Louis
Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

We started the new year by having a great group (37) of Macs Old Team friends and teammates survive the still frigid weather and meet at CHIMIS FRESH-MEX resturant on Woodson Rd. This is the first time our group has visited this resturant. However, it is at the same site as the Hacienda which some of us visited frequently during the "workin days".

Food and service at CHIMIS was very good!

New retiree teammates attending this month were: Ruth Ham and Karen Smith.
Also with us this month was "old teammate" & friend, Bill Spradley.
It was delightful to see all of you again, so please come back!

Jackie Tate was unable to attend. She was preparing to have surgery for a new knee, and will probably be back with us in February or March.

Background info: A new Space Museum in Branson, MO was opened mid 2013. The name: EXPLORE SPACE BRANSON. Mr. Earl Mullins is the Founder and President, The Space Museum, Bonne Terre, MO; and Explore Space, Branson, MO. The primary purpose of both museums is education and the promotion of science and technology for the youth in the MO area:
- Educate and work with area schools
- Provide "hands on" educational programs
- Experience the awe of space exploration
- Supports STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) program.
In addition, it is hoped that success of these museums would attract new space commercial companies to the local area, and also reflect the significance of local industry (example:McDonnell Aircraft) involvement in the development and success of the early manned space program.

Funding for these 'non-profit museums' comes largely from Mr. Mullins own pocket, entrance fees, and community sponsors who have committed to a '$25 for 25 months' sponsorship program. The start-up expenses for the Explore Space Museum in Branson have been quite high and the competition for the "entertainment dollar' in the region is fierce.
In view of Macs Old Team long-standing association with Mr. Mullins it was felt by many of this group that we should find a way to support and help sponsor the development of Explore Space museum.

Dean Purdy prepared and discussed a proposal that the Macs Old Team (MOT) as a group provide some monetary support (donation) to help the Space Museum at Branson, MO. In summary, the proposal was to commit to a $25 for 25 months sponsorship program. The sponsorship will be in the name of 'Mac's Old Team'.
The attendees at this meeting were asked if they would support such a plan, and the response was unanimous.
At each luncheon attendance a basket is passed around for voluntary contributions to support this sponsorship.
At this meeting in January 2014, $50 donation was collected.

Below are pictures that were taken at this January 2014 lunch meeting. Photos courtesy of Ruth Ham.

Gary Wiles, Bob Lake, Dennis Gerth, Don Zartman

Dick Ampleman, Joe Bell, Simos Ioannou
in air and spacecraft design

Ruth Ham, Earl Robb

Kent Bartels, Larry Perlmutter, Frank Duda, Vern (Hale) Hawkins

Bill Mayfield, Russ Ramberger, Ray Tucker, Josey Page,
Bill Spradley, Gary Wiles

Karen Smith, Earl Robb

Don Rebert, Don Zartman, Dennis Gerth, Clay Flynn, Kent Bartels

Glenn Bowers, Dean Purdy, Bill Mayfield, Ron Braunesreither

Josey Page, Joe Barbeau, Russ Ramberger, Don Rebert

Adolph Mueller

Dale Iffrig, John Hrenak, Carl Baggett

Dean Purdy (standing), Earl Robb, Phil Kempland

John Mohr, Bert O'Brien, Bob Skala

Norm Beckel, Dan Venverloh

Norman Beckel

Norman Beckel, Frank Duda

Frank Duda

Dick Ampleman, Joe Bell

Larry Perlmutter, Karen Smith

Frank Duda