MAC's Old Team

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mr. Alan Hoffman spoke to the group providing interesting information about the history of Lambert Airport. Mr. Hoffman has been coordinating the effort to publish a book celebrating Lambert Airport's 100 years (1920-2020) history in collaboration with the Airport, the Missouri Aviation Historical Society, the History Museum, the Air & Space Museum, etc. Alan would like to inform Mac's Old Team (MOT) retirees about the progress of the book and also is requesting any pertinent history from MOT retirees. Thank you Alan!

Norman Beckel reported that several of our teammates are having health problems and unable to attend the meeting. Dave Szukalski had some serious surgery about a month ago, and is still in the hospital in intensive care. Dave's family will be providing Norm Beckel with updates, and we will pass it on via. email & this website.
Please keep Dave in your thoughts and prayers.

The April Lunch meeting will be at:
Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet
3801 Mexico Rd 63303

Below are pictures that were taken at this March 2014 lunch meeting.

Jack Abercrombie, Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum

Alan Hoffman discusses progress toward publishing
a book celebrating Lambert Airport's 100yr. history

Carmelo Turdo, Greater St. Louis Air & Space Museum

Jim Merriman, The Space Museum, Bonne Terre, MO

Earl Robb, Jerry Roberts

Joe & Marilyn Bell

Dick & Mary Lou Ampleman

Jerry Roberts, Bob Schepp, Norman Beckel

Dean & Carol Purdy

Judy & Ray Tucker

Karen Smith, Debbie Nathanson, Diane Causey, Ruth Ham

Mary Lou Ampleman

Dennis Gerth, Don Zartman

Mike Wendt

Lawson Hart, Vern Hawkins

Dick Saffley, Joe Moore, George Mehlick

Tim Tinesley

Glen Bowers, Dave Ott

Randy Carrier, Kent Bartels

Wayne Nathanson, Dave Gibson, Ron Braunesreither

Leo Killcullin, Josey Page, Bill Mayfield

Vern Mueller, Don Rebert

Dennis Gerth

Jerry Roberts, Bob Schepp

Dick Saffley, Don Rebert

Bill Mayfield

Carl Scheske

Glen Bowers

Don Zartman